About Us

About Us

What is Platform Latino

I created Platform Latino to showcase the successes and accomplishments of the Latino community. It can serve as a source of motivation, a history lesson, or a go to on Latino Culture or Travel.

Why start Platform Latino:

I have always been intrigued by the success and unity of the African American community in showcasing and bringing to light the triumphs of their community. This offers an example to the black youth and population to show it can be done. I never felt that there is a place where I can go to find stories and motivation for people like me. Yes there are countless organizations, associations, and non-profits but I want this to serve as the unifying pivot where they all come together and acts as a platform for future generations.


I want Platform Latino to become the resource on the web for all positive things Latino. Let’s call it the wikipedia for Latino Motivation, log on, search and multitudes or results are produced on what you are looking for that day. Find the story of an engineer from your same barrio, or the accountant that became CEO from your block. This is where you can find that and see that you have everything you need to succeed and here are examples that it can be done. Si Nos Pudimos!!!