I want to say Thank You…

I wanted to create this separate page to thank the people or organizations that have helped me make this possible.

Adelso Ureña

  • Adelso has been amazing in making the podcast finally going live and with amazing audio. I was introduced to him by my friend Nathalia at TKI (below) when I asked her for help. He is an amazing audio technician/editor and awesome host of his own podcast “Podcast Entre Amigos

The Key Item

  • I know Nathalia through a good friend and she has grown an amazing brand and following over the years with the key item. While she was in NYC I asked her for some advice about launching a brand for the podcast. She gave me invaluable advice to really be accountable and to get it off the ground. I thank her immensely and recommend everyone to check out her site and IG


  • I took the AltMBA in the summer of 2018. Shout out to all AltMBA23 alum. It was an amazing month long program that challenged me to think outside the box, to quell my fear and take the jump towards my dream. It was through this program where I connected the dots to creating the podcast. 

Podcasts I listen to:

  • James Altucher Show – I’ve listened to James’ show since it’s inception. I love it and listen to it religiously. His preaching of Choosing Yourself has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it showed me its not a bad thing and a curse because it’s hard to make your own path when society wants to fit you into a cookie cutter plan. 
  • Big Questions with Cal Fussman – I forgot how I found out about his podcast but grateful for finding it. Cal is a brilliant writer and an even better interviewer. He really dives in and asks the meaningful questions. Also his stories about how bad he is with technology gave me the confidence to know I can figure everything out. 
  • Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn the host of SPI is a great guy who really brings on meaningful guests to teach a new concept each episode. He also has many guides online to a lot of small business questions from starting an email list to starting a podcast. I recommend him to everyone who is interested in making money on the side or has any entrepreneurial aspirations.