Month: <span>September 2021</span>

Danny Reyes: Fulfilling his purpose & passion as a Bolivian Pop Artist

Danny Reyes aka Drop-D – Talented Musical Artist, Producer & Author

Hola Mi Gente today’s podcast we have the Bolivian pop-artist Danny Reyes also known as Drop-D. We dive deep into his passion with music, his journey to where he is today, and how he uses transferrable skills from his biology degree to his production with music.

Quedate Conmigo

We find out the background to creating his music and incorporating his Bolivian and Latino roots, how he compiles his songs into his albums and how he finds inspiration. We start off the podcast with his new single “Quedate Conmigo”.

This podcast is not only for music fans but for anyone who has a passion and is looking for that inspiration to follow your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

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Angel Aviles – Too Happy to be Sad Girl


Today, we have the amazing Angel Aviles on the podcast to talk about her self-published book “Too Happy to be Sad Girl”. You may recognize her from the 90s cult classic “Mi Vida Loca” where she played… Sad Girl.

Angel has had an accomplished life since playing that role where she has worn many hats and explored in depth her inner workings. She has worked as a life-coach and diving into bringing attention to mental health after realizing she had neglected her own mental clarity.

“Enjoying the little nuances of culture, life becomes delicious”

Listen today to hear about her outlook on Latinos in the movie business, how she helps people on her day to day, and more about her book “Too Happy To Be Sad Girl”. This is packed episode and not one to miss.

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