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The Salsa Project

Ep. 8 – Brandon Espinosa, Founder of the Salsa Project and GM of the Bronx Brewery

Brandon “The Salsa Pops” Espinosa

Brandon Espinosa is an amazing person who from a young age fell in love with Salsa Music and the rich history and origins. Calling himself a Bronxite he has fixated himself within the salsa community as the pioneer to bring the music and keep it alive for many future generations.

At a concert him and his infant were caught dancing and thats how The Salsa Project and The Salsa Pops were born. On this episode we can hear about that event and how it launched this movement! We learn about his upbringing, college years and how his undying persistence has allowed him to reach amazing goals.

I definitely recommend you going to one of The Salsa Project’s events and meeting Brandon. His energy is infectious and next thing you know you will be jamming to Salsa and moving those hips and feet to the music!

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